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Round bales by the truckload

Truckloads of Hay MAY Be Available in Colorado - Click Image for Info

Horse owners and breeders in Texas are being severely impacted by the extended extreme drought which is so serious and continued unabated so long that owners are giving horses away because they can not feed them.

The New York Times reports in Catastrophic Drought in Texas Causes Global Economic Ripples:

At the moment, 70 percent of Texas is experiencing “exceptional drought”
the worst classification — along with 55 percent of Oklahoma and significant
chunks of Louisiana, New Mexico and Kansas. Northern Mexico is also affected.

When one area has a hay shortage, normally hay is trucked in from other areas. This drought is so widespread that coastal hay – the grass hay most widely fed to horses in Texas – is nearly impossible to locate at any price. The hay shortage is so severe that ranchers are feeding everything from corn stalks to  what is being called wheat hay or wheat tops but is really more like wheat straw (what horses are usually bedded on – not fed).


Hay has become so hard to find and rare in Texas that CBS News ran this video [click to continue…]

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Horse Breeding, Stallions and Raising Foals

November 1, 2011

November is traditionally the month when horse lovers get serious about choosing a stallion for their mares or finding mares to promote stallions. As the time of year has arrived when people start planning matings for their horses, I feel compelled to write about why I no longer breed horses. HORSE BREEDING From 1978 through […]

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Akismet Test Page Replaced by Free Akismet Alternative G.A.S.P.

May 1, 2009

We no longer have any working Akismet test pages because Akismet has been deleted from every blog we control and replaced with the GrowMap anti-spambot plugin (G.A.S.P.) or CommentLuv Premium which includes GASP. You can win CommentLuv Premium free if you enter right away. Related articles by Zemanta Find Out If Akismet Has YOU Flagged […]

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